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“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

  • Featured story
    “Tapping Season”
    Trung, by far, is the highest educated person in the family. He is timid and performs just about average in school.
  • Featured story
    The story of Ms. Ngoc Mai & Ms. Thu Phuong
    “Everyone, it’s Friday” – The familiar message in Thang Long School teachers’ chat group have us so excited every weekend, it is not because of the usual TGIF as others ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Tien Tam
    Since I was a child, I have lived on the street. I have no education like my friends who are the same age as me. Day by day life goes ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Kha Lam & his teacher Thien Thanh
    “I was able to grow as a teacher, and better serve my students”. My name is Tong Tran Thien Thanh and I work at the Center for Rehabilitation and Education ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Van Hau
    My situation before receiving Saigonchildren’s support was very difficult. When I was in grade 6, my family encountered some difficulties such that I could not continue to go to school ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Vu Linh
    Since I was in high school, I asked my parents to let me join vocational courses to learn baking techniques, but I was not allowed. My parents preferred that I ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hoang Vinh
    For a long time, I worked unstable jobs, such as a security guard, shipper and other similar low-wage positions just to make ends meet. My older brother is unemployed, and ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hoang Do
    I live in District 4 with my parents. Neither of them have a stable job, they just sell things on the pavement. From this, we don’t have a regular income ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hong Nhung
    Nhung is one of more than 2000 SCC scholarship recipients. Nhung’s performance at school was always excellent even though she suffered from a physical disability. Unfortunately when Nhung was born, ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Kim Huong
    “Coming from a small town, I knew no one here in Saigon. My parents couldn’t afford my school fees but luckily I was offered a place to study English and ...
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