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“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

  • Featured story
    The story of Ms. Ngoc Mai & Ms. Thu Phuong
    (Tiếng Việt) “Thứ 6 tới rồi mọi người ơi”. Dòng tin nhắn trong nhóm giáo viên trường Thăng Long như câu khẩu hiệu vào mỗi tuần. Người người nhà nhà ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Van Hau
    My situation before receiving Saigonchildren’s support was very difficult. When I was in grade 6, my family encountered some difficulties such that I could not continue to go to school ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Tien Tam
    Since I was a child, I have lived on the street. I have no education like my friends who are my age. Day by day life goes by, and I ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hoang Vinh
    For a long time, I worked unstable jobs, like as a security guard, shipper, and other similar low-wage positions just to make ends meet. My older brother is unemployed, and ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hoang Do
    I live in Dist. 4 with my parents. Neither of them have a decent job, they just sell things on the pavement. From this, we do not have a stable ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Vu Linh
    Since I was in high school, I asked my parents to let me join vocational courses to learn baking techniques, but I was not allowed. My parents preferred that I ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Kha Lam & his teacher Thien Thanh
    “I was able to grow as a teacher, and better serve my students”. My name is Tong Tran Thien Thanh and I work at the Center for Rehabilitation and Education ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Hong Nhung
    Nhung is one of more than 2000 SCC scholarship recipients. Nhung’s performance at school was always excellent even though she suffered from a physical disability. Unfortunately when Nhung was born, ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Kim Huong
    “Coming from a small town, I knew no one here in Saigon. My parents couldn’t afford my school fees but luckily I was offered a place to study English and ...
  • Featured story
    The story of Bao Tram
    Because my uncles and aunts had little income, they could not help my mother and me much. Hence, my mother had to take care of herself by working odd jobs ...
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