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Nguyen Le Hoang Trung is an 11th grade student at Quang Trung High school, Binh Phuoc Province.  Remarkably, Trung is on the way to fulfilling his dream of being able to study at HCMC Information Technology University.  He has faced some extremely tough challenges in his life to realise this dream.

Trung’s life changed forever at the age of four, when his father got very drunk and killed his mother before stabbing Trung.  From that day, Trung’s father was sentenced to jail, leaving his disabled young son to be brought up by his elderly grandfather. Trung suffered from some severe injuries and struggled for a long time with acute pain in his legs.  The pain itself made him miss one and half months of school as he could not even get out of bed.  Trung was confined to a wheelchair, which meant he needed help with every daily activity.  Thankfully, Trung’s grandfather took great care of him and helped Trung in every possible way and, with the encouragement of his teachers and his friends, he eventually continued with his studies.

When talking to his grandfather he told us that Trung is especially interested in studying Computers and Physics. He was given a Good Student Award at the end of the school year and was selected to be trained further in Physics. When he has any spare time, Trung goes to the bookshop in town, which is one of the only places he can get to with his wheelchair, to read and study.  The shop keeper, Thanh Thuy, has become his friend sharing all his sorrow and happiness.

Trung told us: “I wish to become an IT expert, so I read many books on the subject and dream that I will have a chance to study at HCMC IT University. For seven years, thanks to the SCC Scholarship Programme, I have been provided with everything I need to continue at school without worrying my grandfather.  SCC Extra Help Scheme also supports my school fees, which will allow me to finish High School.  My house is 15km from my school and I cannot travel this distance by my 3-wheel crank chair alone.  I really need a 3-wheel motorbike for my transportation now.” SCC will do what it can to help with this too. This is a great example of how SCC, by providing support at the right time, can help a young person realise their dreams and potential by adding just a little to their own extraordinary strength and determination.

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