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help 3000 children in poverty!
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How can I register?

To Register please send a mail to Cycle Team Leader Tom Duncan duncantomd@hotmail.com and Nguyen from SCC nguyen@saigonchildren.com with the following:

  • Your passport full name
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Passport expiry date
  • Single room or share (if share provide name of shared person)
  • Bike hire y/n (if take your own bike we can discuss at the information evening as this will need to be taken on the airplane)

How can I pay registration fee?

The total cost to participate in CCA2014 is US$555 - VND11.821.000 (additional US$95 for single room) which must be paid directly to Oriental Sky Travel - the tour operator. Oriental Sky Travel will coordinate all of the logistics of the ride, including transport, equipment, meals and accommodation.

Bank transfer details:

Account’s name: DANG DINH SI
Address:                       130 Nguyen Hue street, Hue city, Vietnam
Account’s number:       0161000398766
Bank name:                  Bank for Foreign Trade of Viet Nam ( Vietcombank) - Hue branch.
Swift code:                    B F T V V N V X 016
Bank address:               78 Hung Vuong street, Hue City, Viet Nam.

Reference: Name of rider_CCA 2104

What is included in the cost of the expedition?

Basically all of your transport, accommodation and food from the moment you leave Saigon until you return there. All meals and drinking water whilst cycling unless otherwise stated in the itinerary, all hotel accommodation, bikes, helmets, group first aid supplies, an English-speaking expedition leader and full local support team. You will need to cover your bar bills and extras!

What is not included in the cost of the expedition?

The following items are not included in your expedition and will be at your own expense – drinks with your evening meals, and activities not mentioned in the itinerary. You will not need large amounts of money during this trip. Other than at the start and end of the trip, you will spend a great deal of the trip in the countryside away from any foreign exchanges or banks.

Besides registration fee, what kind of cost might arise?

By registering, participants pledge to raise a minimum of $500 for Saigon Children’s Charity. This money will play a vital role in supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Vietnam, helping to provide educational opportunities that they otherwise could not afford.

We recommend that you set up a page on www.justgiving.com – an efficient website where you can track your fundraising amount and share your charity challenge with friends, family and colleagues. Here, you can also link directly to Saigon Children’s Charity main Charity Cycle Adventure.

To set up your own online donation page, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://www.justgiving.com/saigoncc/
  2. Click the button “Fundraise for us
  3. Click on the Personal challenge button (near the bottom of the page)
  4. Finalise your appeal page
  • Give your appeal page a name.
  • Select an appeal for a charity.
  • Leave the question regarding your charity’s contribution ticked as No.
  • Choose a JustGiving web address for your appeal page. It can’t include    spaces - only letters, numbers and hyphens. We recommend choosing something short and relevant to the appeal.
  • Click on Create your page
  1. Personalise your appeal page

Your appeal page is now live and ready to take donations.

You can personalise it with photos, a video, a story, a title and a target. If you are not ready to do this now, click Continue.
You can personalise the page at any point by logging in to your personal account.

  1. Now, join CCA2014 team by go to https://www.justgiving.com/teams/cca2014 and click on Join the team
  1. Congratulations - finished! All the donations made online at your Just Giving page will be sent directly to the Saigon Children’s Charity!

In case of Cash Donation:

  • Please contact Nguyen on nguyen@saigonchildren.com to arrange your donation (only for locations in District 1, 2, 3 and Binh Thanh).
  • Visit Saigon Children’s Charity office on 59 Tran Quoc Thao, District 3 to donate.

How big is the group?

We expect the group to be approximately 25 – 30 people.

What will the accommodation be like?

The standard of accommodation is overall 4-star. You will be sharing in rooms of two.

If you are traveling with a friend or partner who you wish to share with, please let us know in advance.

Who will be leading the group?

Oriental Sky Travel, an experienced travel tour company will be ultimately responsible for the running of the itinerary and the safety of your group.

Do you have any information on the flights?

We will be flying Vietnam Airlines from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue, and then returning from Danang back to HCMC.

What’s the luggage allowance?

Details on what to pack are provided in your kit list. Each day when you begin to ride, your personal kit will be transported to the next hotel.

You will only need to have a handle bar bag or bum bag with you during the day and you will be able to access your day pack at rest stops.

What is a typical day?

During the cycling days you will cycle for 5-6 hours. Your support vehicles will back up the group and will choose shady rest stops every 15–20km where you can all regroup. Here you will be able to re-energise with fruit snacks and fill your water bottles. At lunch you will re-group at a local restaurant or scenic spot for a picnic lunch. In the evening there is usually an hour or so of free time before we meet to discuss the next day’s adventure.

What are the bikes like?

The bikes are good quality lightweight Mountain bikes. We can offer a range of frame sizes. All bikes have water bottle carriers and quickly detachable wheels.

Please indicate your height on your booking email so that we can aim to book the correct size well in advance.

You are encouraged to bring your own bike if possible. Please note that you have to bare the cost of bike transportation.

How fit do I need to be?

Training is definitely required. It is important that you work specifically on your stamina, leg and joint strength, and balance in order to get as much out of the challenge as possible.

What if I can’t keep up?

The event is not run as a race and there is always a large variation in people’s cycling abilities. We allow for this. There will always be a staff member at the back of the group to ensure you are not left behind and can take things at your own pace. If we find somebody is unable to cycle at all, then we can transport them from one location to the next.

What happens if I fall ill, can’t keep up or there is an emergency?

It is policy that participants must wear a helmet. These will be provided or you can bring your own.

Be aware that cycling can be dangerous and accidents can happen; therefore you must be responsible for your own safety whilst riding. Throughout the expedition, back-up support will be close by, and we maintain mobile phone contact with the back up team. If for any reason any injury should occur, or continuation of the ride is not possible, a relief vehicle will be made available.

The relief vehicle will be a private air-conditioned minibus that will support the riding throughout the tour. The support bus is there for clients who need to rest, to carry the spare bike parts, and will often contain refreshments such as water, snacks and soft drinks to make riding more enjoyable. The support bus will follow at a discreet distance at all times. During transfer sections, the bikes will be carried in the bus where necessary. When riding off-road on single track trails support will sometimes be by motorbike. The guide will carry water and the first aid kit with him/her until the trail joins the main track where the bus will be waiting.

You must have your own accident insurance.

What is the weather likely to be like?

Expect weather about 25 degrees during the day. As always, a chance of showers so bring a lightweight waterproof jacket. The Hai Van Pass  winds its way over the top of the Truong Mountain Range and is considered the divide between north & south, often with quite different weather. We suggest to check the online weather websites in the days leading up to the ride.

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