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Our Projects

1. Vocational Training and Job Placement:

Vocational Training and Job Placement project provide young people with disadvantages, from 17-25 years old the necessary knowledge and skills in accordance with their abilities, interests and backgrounds. After finishing their courses, the project will support with job placement as well.

Criteria of selection are:

  • Belonging to families with difficulties ( families in poverty, care-givers have temporary jobs with no stable income, taking care of the elderly, having young children or people with disabilities, the labor force in the family is less than the number of dependents);
  • Have been unskilled and unemployed
  • Have not yet accessed to vocational training, colleges or universities
  • Desiring to study to get a stable job.

The process of the Vocational Training and Job Placement project is conducted through these following steps:

  • Social workers approach young locals with difficulties and introduce them to the vocational project as well as the supportive services provided;
  • Welcoming children in need through the registration form;
  • Home visit for each case to verify the circumstances in accordance with the selective criteria;
  • Directly contacting with each individual to know more about their capacities, interests, needs in career and professional consultation;
  • Successful case confirmation;
  • Sending participants to appropriate training places for training;
  • Supporting for tuition fees and others if necessary (bus fares, lunches, glasses, etc. ) ;
  • Closely monitoring during the training (contact with teachers, family in case of drop-outs); encourage them to keep learning;
  • Job placement after the training;
  • Continuing to monitor and support children in the first six months of employment.

The training formats include:

  • SCC’s self-organized training courses such as Restaurant & Hospitality in the cooperation with the Bureau of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Tan Phu District
  • Sending students to famous vocational training institutions such as Hung Vuong College of Engineering and Technology or L' Oreal Hair Training Center.


2. Foreign Languages, IT and Social Activities:
The English and IT classes at Thang Long School were organised at the very beginning of the establishment of the school in 1994. Every year, about 200 students receive support with English communication skills and basic office computer skills. Every year, about 50 students of English classes have completed the level of Pre-inter and Intermediate which enable them to use English in daily conversation and communication; about 60 students of IT classes have acquired basic computer skills which enable them to know how to use office software, to use email for communication and to use the internet for seeking information. In addition, around 20 students of IT classes have received nationally-recognized “A” or “B” level computing certificates which bring extra points added to their final exam total when graduating from High School.

Although having employment is not one of the direct objectives of the project as most young people who benefit from the project are still at school age. Over the years, already many former students have found employment working for hotels, restaurants and companies around Ho Chi Minh City. These places are very in need of English and IT. This has helped them to make their way independently and successfully in the world.

The objective of this project is that all young people participating in SCC’s English and IT training courses will develop their skills to a level at which it will enable them to find better jobs and at a better level of income when they get into work.

In addition to offering “hard” courses to the young people, we encourage the development of students’ creativity through classes in Art and Photography, and other recreational activities. This combination is designed to build confidence and options for the students as well as to give them the opportunity to enjoy a part of their childhood in a safe environment in the same way other young people do.

3. Psycho-social Counseling and Lifeskill:
During the training courses, close monitoring and deep counseling were provided to the young people in the Programme. This minimizes the number of young people who have the risks of dropping-out due to various objective reasons such as having difficulties in relationship within the families or with classmates. In addition, urgent supports such as bus fare, meal allowance, or glasses, etc. are provided where needed to make sure that they do not stop learning just because of the deficiency of the very basic needs in their daily life.

Various life skills training sessions on topics such as Communication Skills, Attitudes and Appearances in Serving Customers, Expenditures Management, Keeping Oneself Safe, etc. are provided to the young people as a foundation and preparation for their personal as well as career life.


Questions about our Vocational Training  Programmes? Please click here to go to our FAQ page



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