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Saigon Cyclo Challenge 2014

Dear our valued sponsors,

Saigon Cyclo Challenge is an annual sports event/family outing run by Saigon Children's Charity to raise much-needed funds for disadvantaged children. We have a history of 13 very exciting and successful years and we are close now to our 14th Saigon Cyclo Challenge! The event attracts thousands of people every year and is considered one of the most newsworthy community events of the year. Have a quick look at the event on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36SEyb_KelY

This year there are various ways to participate:

  1. Co-organizer and Race Sponsor: the best branding and team building package in terms of value. Your team will join in 3 separate competitions - the Cyclo race itself, Cyclo decoration competition and a cheerleading competition with the aim of becoming the overall 2014 Cyclo Champion.


  1. In-kind Sponsor: a flexible option for any brands to be part of something real meaningful. You can help us by providing products, services and attract your customers through our voucher books. On the other hand you can purchase banners or enter a cheerleading team to add to the festive spirit.


  1. Media Partnership: We are looking for 1 year cooperation with media to raise awareness about our work “Eliminating poverty through Education”.

For more information call us now! Please contact:

Phạm Thanh Hải at phamhai@saigonchildren.com or 083930 3502 (ext 111)


Regardless of which option you choose, your help will be greatly appreciated so do not hesitate to discuss anything with us as we are open to ideas! Please talk to us before 24th January 2014 as we have limited places.

Sincerely yours,

SCC team.


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