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We regularly need volunteers and there is almost never an occasion when there are not two or three volunteers working in the office with us. We need volunteers for all sorts of positions and for project work. SCC values all the support we receive from our wonderful volunteers who devote their time and energy to supporting our cause.


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Apply to become a volunteer at SCC CIO:  Please email to : volunteer@saigonchildren.com

Below are some testimonies from previous volunteers:

Kevin V Thai - Creative Designer

I came to know SCC by chance. Through a friend of mine, I had a great opportunity to contribute to what SCC is doing. I am a creative designer. My expertise sounds as if it is not related to the work here. It turned out that I could help with tailoring dresses for volunteers at the Saigon Summer Ball 2014 that took place in June. Once again, I could not resist nodding my head to the volunteers for the charity art market at Snap cafe in district 2. We would sell photos in frames taken by students of art class of Thang Long Vocational Training and English school. After all these memories with SCC, although they were not long, I experienced a lot. I realised that there were warm-hearted people in SCC, who were willing to spend time (whether short or long) to help others. Furthermore this helped me to ask myself carefully whether what I was doing with my time was worth it. Beyond that, it was the people I met through SCC, they were different but have the same passion for a brighter future for Vietnamese children with difficulties.


Nguyen Phan Hoang Kim - studying in Singapore
I came to know about Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC) by chance when I was searching for a volunteer organisation to work with during the summer of my gap year. It was a fortuitous chance as until now I am still amazed at how my three months were filled with such fun and meaningful experiences. As I had participated in several charity activities during my high school years before, I imagined myself in the same places again: singing and playing with children, teaching them crafts and English, running around with boxes filled with gifts and other miscellaneous logistics. With SCC, it was a completely different picture and I was greeted with an entirely new perspective that I had ever experienced before: being behind-the-scenes and experiencing a typical working day in SCC office.



Emma, Singapore

"I volunteered with SCC in Oct 2009 while I was in between jobs and trying to explore different facets of life. It turns out that volunteering at SCC has opened up a whole new world to me. Not only has the experience been extremely rewarding, I have met so many fantastic people with whom I still keep in touch even today. Unlike many other charities, SCC has offered great flexibility in catering to volunteers' schedules. Everyone will have something to bring to the table, as long as it's for the greater good of underprivileged kids. I especially admire the trust that the SCC team manage to establish with the disadvantaged kids and their families that they support. 

During my short stint with SCC, I was part of the fundraising team who canvass funds for events like Cyclo Challenge. I also had an opportunity to go on a scholarship delivery trip to the Mekong Delta region. Even despite the time limitation, I managed to squeeze in some English teaching sessions at SCC's Thang Long Vocational School. I have enjoyed my time with SCC thoroughly and wouldn't trade it for anything!"

Yvonne Quek, Singapore

Yvonne at the Scholarship Delivery day in Tay Nnh province
“I wanted to learn and gain insight into the organizational structure and workings of an NGO within a short timeframe of five weeks. Hence, I applied to various NGOs in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, in eager anticipation for responses. In time, most responded with encouraging yet negative replies due to the short timeframe that I was able to commit. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised and excited when SCC was willing to take me in as a volunteer for five weeks. And I must say it has been an amazing experience that has altered and perhaps even shaped my perspectives of future careers. 

During my time at SCC, besides learning about the organizational structure I have had the opportunity to travel with the Scholarship team on their Scholarship Delivery in Tay Ninh Province and help out at the Saigon Summer Ball.  All in all, I had a wonderful time working with both the volunteers and staff of SCC, a passionate group of individuals who understands the difficulty of making a change in this world yet nevertheless is still driven to try to make that change. “

Scott Gelsthorpe, England
Scott at Saigon Summer Ball 2010
I was recently asked to attend The ABC International School in Trung Son, on behalf of SCC. My wife works at the school and my children are currently in year 6 and year 3. The school had raised just over 9 Million Vnd through what was touted as a 'no shoes' day in order to raise poverty awareness amongst the kids. The trouble was, despite this being Vietnam, the British influence on the school meant that the British obsession with Health and Safety took over so the kids were instead directed to wear flip-flops! I talked briefly with the students about SCC's aims and work and then asked them to imagine trying to live on 7000 Vnd per day (the thresh hold of poverty amongst the rural population). The realisation and shock amongst the students about this fact was palpable. I am confident that the school will continue to nurture their interest in helping to alleviate the effects of poverty in the future.

I've had an amazing 10 months since I arrived in Vietnam with my wife and two sons. A large part of this is down to SCC. Who would have thought that volunteering would give me so much in return? I've had the opportunity of working with some fantastic people both on Cyclo Challenge and The Saigon Summer Ball. For me, the success of any company, whether it be for profit or a charity hinges upon the personnel within that organisation. SCC has so many capable people pushing so hard to make life just that little bit better for under-privileged children. It is a pleasure to be a small part of that greater machine and I look forward to working more with these great people that I can also call 'friends'!

Kiri Weimann, 26, Denmark
Kiri at Saigon Summer Ball 2010
Kiri, right, at Saigon Summer Ball 2010
"I came to SCC as a volunteer at the end of January 2010 with the aim to help while gaining experience of working in an NGO and a multicultural environment. I have accomplished all that, and then some. I was lucky to join at the right time, as I had the opportunity to take on a branding project after my very first meeting with all the entire SCC staff and it has given me more than I could ever imagine. During my volunteering period I have visited two different provinces and participated in the two biggest events at SCC, Saigon Cyclo Challenge and Summer Ball. Because of the nature of my task, I got very close to all the employees and other volunteers and had the pleasure of talking to people outside the organisation too. 

I wouldn’t trade my time at SCC for anything - I felt so welcome there! I have learned about Vietnamese culture and experienced both how fantastically friendly people can be, but I have also seen some back sides of the medal, which help put everything into perspective. If you are considering coming to Vietnam to volunteer, SCC is definitely a great place to be – you will not regret it!"
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