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Wish List

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EVENT ENGAGEMENT 2014 - 2015 ($10,000). Remaining: $9,900

No child or project is left behind once we have started our support. In order to prepare for the possibility that some projects may go un-funded or some unexpected cases may require urgent attention as well as to fund some of our core work, SCC holds a number of major annual events.  A different, fun way to support SCC is to get involved in one (or more!) of these events below:

CORPORATE CHALLENGE DAYS                                      CORPORATE SPONSOR around $4,500

July-December 2014 and 2015, Southern Vietnam

The Challenge Day programme seeks to supplement meagre maintenance budgets through corporate contributions and volunteer work as a means of ensuring the continuing functionality of the schools. Whether painting the walls or planting a garden we can guarantee you and your team a memorable day with long–lasting team and individual benefits.

The 2015 Challenge Day programme is focused on improving the landscapes and infrastructure of the schools and kindergartens we build and work with.

As an extra corporate challenge to the company spirit and an excellent way for your staff members to engage with a broad extent of our programmes, each team is asked to sponsor a number of children in our scholarship programme. We look forward to welcoming your team!

CHARITY CYCLE ADVENTURE - 2014                                         CORPORATE SPONSOR $5000

November 28th – 30th 2014

Due to its wonderful success since the launch in 2010, we now plan a ride every November and are currently seeking support for the event. Staff participation from sponsors is highly encouraged and welcome.

In 2013, 55 riders joined an adventurous but demanding bicycle ride through the Mekong Delta – covering more than 200km in three days. All of your travel and bike hire is organised by us – so all you have to do is turn up and cycle! The package for travel is paid for by each rider who are also asked to raise a minimum of $500. With all expenses covered by the riders it means that all donations go directly to our poverty-reduction projects.

In 2014 the Cycle Adventure will run from Hue to Hoi An. As a company you can get involved by being a headline sponsor and receive primary brand space on event materials or being a participant sponsor and inviting your staff to raise money for charity as an incentive/recognition reward.

SAIGON CYCLO CHALLENGE 2015 – WORLD’s UNIQUE RACE                                             $6,000

March 2015 - limited sponsorship opportunities!

Undoubtedly, it is the best corporate fun day on the planet (or at least in Saigon!). It pitches Saigon’s finest organisations against each other in a spectacular Cyclo challenge race. With over 2,500 participants, spectators and children, it is a memorable day for everyone.

As a company you can get involved by entering as one of the 10 teams that will take on the Saigon Cyclo Challenge, sponsoring the event as a racing cash-sponsor with broad exposure or providing a prize for one of the winning teams or one of the hundreds of individuals who will pour their hearts into the day.

SAIGON SUMMER BALL 2015                                                                                   up to $10,000

June 2015 - limited sponsorship opportunities!

We are looking for two or three high profile organisations to help partner this event. This, our 7th Summer Ball, has become one of the ‘not to be missed’ events in the Saigon social calendar. This year we aim to wow you with more features, sponsors, prizes, great food and all-round glamour.

We will ensure that your name is associated not just with one of Vietnam’s most acknowledged charities but also with an establishment event that people remember.

As a company you can get involved by sponsoring the event or providing a prize for the popular raffle or competitive live auction.


CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (CDP) ($20,000). Remaining: $13,500
150 SCHOLARSHIPS – URGENT FOR 2014/15 Academic Year                $250 or $400 per year

Vocational training ($250) scholarships:

We encourage young people, aged 18-22, to undertake vocational training once they have completed mainstream school. This training will better equip them for work, leading them on to better job opportunities and the chance to achieve more in their working life.

Our vocational training scholarships not only pay for college fees but can also provide transportation and lodging. Again each scholarship is individually tailored so as to bring optimal benefit.

Our children are growing up and graduating, up to 200 young adults who have received our support, sometime since primary school, are now studying for their entrance exam to university or vocational college! Can you help them make that last vital step from school into work?

University/college ($400) scholarships:

It is difficult enough to get to school and stay in school when you and your family are in poverty. Which is why the example these young people set by not only overcoming all these obstacles but then going on to qualify for a place at university or college is so extraordinary and definitely worth supporting. They are likely to be the first member of their family to enter or to even have the chance to enter university and what a turnaround you and they might help to create or thier families if they were successful in gaining a degree!!

College is not easy for our youngsters and all of them will work as well as study in order to be able to cope with the costs of attending college and often for staying away from home too. The $400 scholarhip does not cover anything like everything they need but it is important as it can cover their fees, for instance, and books too. But the scholarship does help and is also a powerful reminder for them that someone out there cares to see them scucceed too. Mostly it is the young person who will contribute the majority in terms of effort and finance too and, having got quite a few successful graduates already, we can tell you the investment is incredibly worthwhile.

These scholarships are available only to young people who have previously received a school scholarship from SCC and will run for either 4 years (in the case of university scholarships) or 3 years (for all college scholarships).

BICYCLE PROGRAMME                                                                                              $110 per bicycle

Among the 3,000 children who receive scholarships from SCC, there are more than 200 children who live more than 5kms away from school. Many of them have to walk up to 10kms to and from school every day.

We see many children drop out of school as they make the transition from primary to secondary school; as often these schools are even further away.

We give hard wearing, long-lasting bicycles to children whose families cannot afford them. Without these bicycles the children would most likely drop out of school. A bicycle gives a real lifeline to these children offering independence and freedom.

ALUMNI ACTIVITIES                                                                             $4,800 for school-year 2015

The Alumni Group is a new programme developed initially in 2013. Over the last 20 years, the number of students who receive our support grows daily. The scheme brings together graduate from many elements of SCC and brings them together to support each other and SCC too. We currently have around 300 young people in the group which manages itself too.

Many of them are now in the workforce and some have even become success stories of their generation. It is time for them to come back to us and offer helping hands for those children who have still got a long way to go.

In addition recent graduates as well as current students often still need a bit of guidance through theses new and crucial early first steps. The scheme therefore organises a range of helpful activities such as training seminars and external mentoring sessions. These events also make great team-building opportunities for company staff.

GETTING READY FOR WORK - 2015                                                  $20,000 ($6,500 part-funded)

In 2015 we will build on the launch late in 2013 of this new programme. The programme is designed to start providing young people, who receive scholarships from SCC, with practical advice and information to help them plan for work in the future. Often young people in our scholarship programme live in very rural areas and have very little exposure to the world of work and their understanding is very limited. SCC plans to intervene at the crucial ages of 14 or 15 when they need to start considering the direction they need to go in educational terms. What, realistically, are their options? What educational levels do they need? Where would they have to go to study or work? How do they get the support they need?

The work was trialled in 2013 with a number of secondary and High Schools being involved. The work will consist of inviting a mixture of specialist careers advisors to talk to groups of young people and this will be augmented by individuals from various industries also being invited to talk about their experience and their sector. The grant we are asking for will cover two specific pieces of work:

  • Job orientation classes in schools
  • Life-skills training for 50 teachers so that they can deliver life-skills programme themselves at their schools in future.


Located in District 4 a tough district, just minutes from the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. Thang Long Vocational School works with 300 boys and girls, aged 12-22, from the most disadvantaged families in the area. The children are chosen not only based on their financial needs but also according to the circumstances in which they live. We aim to provide a place for these students to learn as well as a safe and happy environment where the children can grow in confidence and thrive.
Our purpose is to equip our students with skills that will provide them with choices and find decently paid and stable jobs upon course completion. They are supported in life and in education and we encourage them to return to mainstream school when possible. There is also a social worker based at the school to support the children in what can be a difficult return or entrance to mainstream school.

COUNSELLING AND LIFE SKILLS - 2015                                                                             $16,500

We want Thang Long School to be more than just a school. Due to the social and economic challenges faced by most of our children, we run a support programme which provides direct one-to-one counselling as well as wider life-skills support. We provide an experienced and specialist social worker, who works in liaison with authorities and the school to ensure that children are able to stay at school.

The social worker works directly with all current and prospective students at TLS, as well as providing training to families in areas such as money management and child development support. We aim to help the family in order for them to be able to support their child independently.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING - 2015                                                                                        $16,800

Undoubtedly what many young people need in order to secure better paid work and better options for work is training. Particularly for those leaving school without a High School certificate it is almost impossible to break out of the cycle that they and their families are in. With proper work-related training which is of sufficient quality and of a manageable time-commitment for each young person.

Young people living in poverty find it difficult to set-aside time for training as the call from their family on their time and their contribution. Once they commit to training it is absolutely essential that that investment of time pays dividends for the whole family so we take our vocational training role very seriously indeed.  Each young person in this programme receives regular one-to-one support (including meetings with their families) and help in identifying the right training, the right course and the right provider.  We then support that young person with the costs of their training and monitor them until they complete the course and are successfully in work.

We work with a number of partners offering high quality training. Our key partner is Hung Vuong Vocational College of Technology, which is well-known and has a great reputation.

ENGLISH TRAINING - 2015                                                                                                $18,000

The English classes at Thang Long School were organised at the very beginning of the establishment of the school in 1994. Every year, about 200 students receive support with English communication skills. At the end of 2014, we expect 65 students to have completed the level of Pre-inter and Intermediate and will have skills to use English for communication.

In 2013, we surveyed the children and young people and asked them for the feedback. We listened to their comments and the key information that came back was that: 51.8% of Thang Long School beneficiaries said that the provision of English was “very useful” with 45.2% saying that the support was “useful”.

Although having employment is not one of the direct objectives of the project as most children who benefit from the project are still at school age, over the years, already many former students have found employment working for hotels, restaurants and companies around Ho Chi Minh City where English has become necessary skill in their work. This has helped them to make their way independently and successfully in the world.


This is an undervalued but crucial area of work. At Thang Long School we aim to provide a variety of ways in which children can engage with the world beyond the academic. We offer classes such as art and photography which can, in fact, go on to turn into a career although these are provided mainly for the children to explore their creative sides and do something that otherwise they have no opportunity to do.

In addition we organise trips for the children to experience and understand the world around them, to mix with other children, to exchange cultures, to develop a social life and to have a chance to relax from what can otherwise be a life too full of burdens.

Most of the children have limited, if any, chance to leave the district in which they live, and learning about their surroundings and life outside Ho Chi Minh City is only a dream for many of them. The trips out are so important, giving them a chance to live a little as other children do. These events also make great team-building opportunities for company staff - we are happy to incorporate your staff on trips whenever possible!

IT TRAINING - 2015                                                                                                           $10,321

The Ho Chi Minh City job market often requires good understanding of IT and computer usage. Just as English is fundamental at Thang Long School so now is IT. The class is very successful and introduces the young people to IT and makes them IT-aware, removing some of the fear of technology.

The IT training that Thang Long students receive gives them a chance to build their IT understanding with which they can dive deeper in the industry at college or university, or simply gain a certificate and get access to offices for employment.


In 2015 the focus will include:

•    All of the young people we support in short term vocational courses. There are normally 60 of these a year. We also include our Saigon Hospitality Class as a regular recipient – we run two courses of this each year with 40 young people per class.
•    All of the young people when they reach age 15 at Thang Long School which provides English and vocational training support.
•    All of the young people in our Child Development programme – who are in tertiary education. For many of these young people being in college or university or in 2-year vocational courses means being away from home and their families for the first time. These life-skills equip them to cope with that as well as the heavy pressures they face trying to live and study in difficult circumstances and away from traditional forms of support.


This list is this month’s update but our needs often vary – please contact Ms. Phan Thi Phuong Truc on +84 3930 3502 (Ext: 116)/ or truc@saigonchildren.com for more information.

On behalf of our children, thank you very much for your support!



Opportunities in 2015 starting from $37,000

In 2015, we will build 7 new classrooms for 3 kindergartens and 11 new classrooms for 3 primary schools. Our schools have classrooms and play areas and are equipped with fences, storerooms, lavatories, furniture and outdoor toys.

We build schools for children in poor and rural villages of Southern Vietnam where the demand is greatest. The kindergartens and primary schools are built to compensate for the many problems that are caused by almost non-existent government budgets and programmes.

The funding sought for the construction of new classrooms represents up to 70% of the pre-tax total construction costs, monitoring costs, and costs incurred by SCC to run and manage each project. The remaining 30% funding will be generated through our partnership with the Education and Training Department of each province.

We will also focus on improving the effectiveness of the learning environments of schools completed in 2008 – 2010. The programme involves varied projects that reflect the specific needs of the school and the area in which it is based, such as, creating a safe play area, planting a garden or building a kitchen or a function room – whatever they need.

The improvements also encourage schools, kindergartens, and local authorities to ensure that the facilities are properly and fully utilised and promotes good stewardship.

We will provide equipment for schools and kindergartens built in previous years with furniture that is suitable for different age groups and outdoor toys for kindergartens.

Each sponsor receives a name plaque and is invited to attend up to three ceremonies at their school. This is a great opportunity for press or staff involvement.




This list is this month’s update but our needs often vary – please contact Ms. Phan Thi Phuong Truc on +84 3930 3502 (Ext: 116)/ or truc@saigonchildren.com for more information.


On behalf of our children, thank you very much for your support!


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