Our Mission

“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

  • Featured story
    Thùy – One of the most long-staying students at Thang long School
    Phương Thùy surely is a memorable name for the teachers and students at Thăng Long English and Vocational Training School, not only because of her long-term connection with the school ...
  • Featured story
    “Once I’m determined to work hard, I believe my efforts will pay off.”
    During the closing ceremony of the school year last December at Thang Long English and Vocational school, Vy Minh returned to attend as an alumnus. He reminisced about the memories ...
  • Featured story
    “Saigonchildren’s 30th anniversary also coincided with my 30th birthday”
    “I have many memories with saigonchildren, such as campsites and skills classes. What I remember most is that when I got to university, I was worried because I didn’t have ...
  • Featured story
    Chi Tai – from an underprivileged student in Can Gio to a police officer
    Welcoming former students who received scholarships and support from saigonchildren always feels so heart-warming and is a great motivation for our work. Our reunion with Nguyen Chi Tai was even ...
  • Featured story
    How Linh’s life has changed after over 2 decades receiving saigonchildren’s scholarship
    “The scholarship I received from saigonchildren at that time was around 700,000 to 1 million VND. Without the help from saigonchildren, my family still would have tried their hardest to ...
  • Featured story
    “Because going to school is the only way for me to save myself”
    Thân’s father had passed away when he was 6, and then his mother also left the family not long after that for another husband. From that moment, Thân’s childhood was ...
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    25 years lighting up passion for the arts
    “I remember the days when my students and I would come to class to comfort each other and cry together. Many families prefer their children start work early as they ...
  • Featured story
    “I wanted to try my best while I was still able to study”
    “When my mum came home saying that she had cancer, I really wanted to cry right there, but I pretended that it was not a big deal and told mum ...
  • Featured story
    A girl striving to become the better version of herself
    Nhan was born into a family with two children, herself and an older brother. When she was 10, her family’s rented house in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City was ...
  • Featured story
    “We miss our Mum and her Canh Chua soup”
Our Impact

Scholarships awarded


Enrolments on English, IT and vocational training


Schools built across Vietnam


Children with disabilities supported

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