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“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

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    Chances will come to those who make efforts
  • Featured story
    Tan Dat: “I wanted to go to school, so I did”
    Nguyen Tan Dat is a 19-year-old student in saigonchildren’s career and skills training programme. Currently, having graduated from his vocational training course, Dat has a job and also goes to school every day. But that is the 7th grade ...
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    Van Tam in the world of coding and technology
    Dinh Van Tam, born in 1998, is a programmer with over a year of professional working experience. He and his friends are planning to start an IT company to bring ...
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    Tuan Vu: a story of transformation
    Saigonchildren’s Child Development Scholarship Programme has supported thousands of children, many of whom received scholarships from when they were little children until their university graduation as a mature young adult. ...
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    “I’m in a much better place than I was four years ago”
    Mai Minh Nhat, 23 years old, is an audit student who recently graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology in October 2020. Saigonchildren has accompanied Nhat on his ...
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    Lan Oanh and her 13-year journey with saigonchildren: from a 4th grade student to an interior designer
    Lan Oanh was a recipient of saigonchildren’s scholarship from primary school until her graduation from University. In the 13 years, saigonchildren witnessed her growth from a girl in 4th grade ...
  • Featured story
    The journey of mom and son with autism
    Hanh is currently a single mother living with her mother and son in Hanoi. Her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and a half and started ...
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    Trí Dũng – The boy who’s “graduated” from early intervention
    Tri Dung has been enrolled in saigonchildren’s free early intervention program since 2019. During our interview with Ms. Trang, Tri Dung’s mom, she shares that throughout Dung’s 3-year journey with ...
  • Featured story
    Future Psychologist – Nguyen Cam Tien
  • Featured story
    Long’s dream as professional Barista
    Long shared: ‘1 year ago, my grandma was bitten severely in her leg by a dog but did not have money to afford hospital fees because my mother and stepdad ...
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