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“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

  • Featured story
    The journey of mom and son with autism
    Hanh is currently a single mother living with her mother and son in Hanoi. Her son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and a half and started ...
  • Featured story
    Trí Dũng – The boy who’s “graduated” from early intervention
    Tri Dung has been enrolled in saigonchildren’s free early intervention program since 2019. During our interview with Ms. Trang, Tri Dung’s mom, she shares that throughout Dung’s 3-year journey with ...
  • Featured story
    Future Psychologist – Nguyen Cam Tien
  • Featured story
    Long’s dream as professional Barista
    Long shared: ‘1 year ago, my grandma was bitten severely in her leg by a dog but did not have money to afford hospital fees because my mother and stepdad ...
  • Featured story
    No job’s outside a girl’s reach
    I just came back to Saigon. I went back to work at the place I used to work, but because of covid, it’s been quite empty. For Tet I went ...
  • Featured story
    Trần Ái Khanh: “I feel lucky because there are still people who care about me”
    Her dad became paralysed after a labour accident, and her mum left them after this incident. Since then, Khanh and her father have moved into a relative’s house, which is ...
  • Featured story
    Minh and his bartending journey
    Minh has been studying English at Thang Long School for four years and was introduced to saigonchildren’s Getting Ready For Work Programme to study bartending in 7/2020. Minh is considered ...
  • Featured story
    Little talented student Mai in female hairdessing profession
    Coming from Dong Thap, Xuan Mai has a great interest in female hairdressing profession then enrolling in the Nhan Dao Intermediate school. She is one of the hardest- working and ...
  • Featured story
    Decoding play – Story from a mother of an autistic son
    My introduction to saigonchildren was a fortuity, almost ‘fated’, when a year ago I stumbled upon a post – in a group for parents with children with special needs – ...
  • Featured story
    When a boy with hearing impairment becomes the breadwinner of the family
    When saigonchildren’s social workers first visited Cuong’s home in Dong Nai province, his mother, Nhan, was worried that we were some scammers coming to trick her and take advantage of ...
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