Our Mission

“saigonchildren enables disadvantaged children and young adults in Vietnam to reach their full potential through receiving a quality education relevant to their needs”

  • Featured story
    The journey of becoming a restaurant manager
    When choosing a job, you should have the passion for it and be willing to start from the bottom.
  • Featured story
    Manh’s story
    Mạnh’s house is about 3.5 km away from the school. He used to go to school by bicycle with his brother but now he must go to school on foot ...
  • Featured story
    Story of Minh Lam, the boy of courage
    After 5 months of continuous hard-work, Lam can now balance on his knees, draw, write, do math, sing, spell words and recognize things around him
  • Featured story
    Minh Quang’s day at school
    In each therapy session, there are always tears after each leg pull and sweats after each attempt to walk step-by-step. Although the sweat is still flowing on his forehead, Quang ...
  • Featured story
    Story of Sơn
    “In the future, I will be dedicated to my studies. A new page has opened and even though it is more difficult, with the support of my mother and my ...
  • Featured story
    The ‘DNA’ of an NGO: Helping people to help themselves
    “The idea of an organisation having taken on a life of its own, being fully independent and self-sustaining is a good one. For me it was the thinking that lay ...
  • Featured story
    Story of Thùy An – our dedicated design helper
    It was sheer hard work and determination that helped Thùy An to get into Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture – a dream school for many.
  • Featured story
    Story of Diem
    There is a rainbow of hope at the end of every storm. Life does not always go as planned, but how you adapt define you. Điểm managed to graduated University on time and now has ...
  • Featured story
    Story of a strong mother
    There are hardly anyone who will ever love you, or care for you, or be concerned about your welfare as your parents. Cherish them in every possible way as long ...
  • Featured story
    The extraordinary haircut experience of a kid with autism
    Mrs. Ly and her son Minh were finally able to overcome one of Minh’s biggest fears to achieve a seemingly minimal task to other children: getting a haircut
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