Sponsor A Child

What do you give a person who has everything? What do you give a person who has nothing? Looking for something that shows you care?


Saigonchildren is providing thousands of scholarships every year to give a new chance for a better life to disadvantaged children in Vietnam. There are still many children waiting for our support to go to school every day. We need your support to give them a chance.

From April 2018, saigonchildren is launching a new scholarship package that will provide extra social services for children at risk of dropping out, and for children returning to school. With this enhanced social support the Child Development Scholarship Programme will target the reduction of the drop-out rate at secondary school level and together we will create more chances for children to reach further education.

By choosing a sponsorship package, you bring great happiness to disadvantaged Vietnamese children.

As a sponsor you will receive a quarterly update about the progress of the programme as we are passionate about sharing with you all the meaningful stories and successes that your support is making possible every day.

Sponsor a child to bring a chance for children to go to school and get a fairer start in life.




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