Help central Vietnam recover from historic floods

Central of Vietnam facing the worst floods and landslides in years

Saigonchildren built nine schools in Quang Tri, one of the central provinces that has been heavily affected by the recents tropical storms causing floods and landslides in the region. 

As soon as the first storm happened, our social workers of the School Buiding and Learning Environment programme contacted and have been in touch ever since with our partners at the schools and the local authorities to learn about the damages and the needs of the local communities. 

Even though many of our schools in the area were built on elevated grounds, during the peak of the flooding, water still covered the classrooms’ floors as high as 40cm, dragging with it mud and debris. Wooden furniture of the classroom have been damaged and some will need replacement. 

The majority of people in the areas where we built our schools in Quang Tri are of the ethnic minorities Bru and Pacoh. Already were extremely below the poverty line before the disaster, these people lost all of their possessions in the floods and many now rely on aids to survive. 

In addition to flooding, landslides are also a real danger as they’ve taken away tens of lives in Quang Tri alone, destroyed thousands of houses and roads. Some remote areas are now isolated as all the roads lead to the outside have been severely damaged. 

Saigonchildren is rushing to prepare emergency aids* to help the people in Quang Tri. Every donation of yours will help us provide more relief packages to families and school supplies to help kids get back to school as soon as it is safe. 


Mud dragged by the flood to a classroom on an elevated ground (Cu Dong satellite site, Huc kindergarten, Huc commune, Quang Tri)

Road from Khe Sanh township to Huc commune was severely destroyed

Part of a national highway in Quang Tri being blocked and destroyed by landslides (Image: VnExpress)




In addition to credit cards, you can also donate by bank transfer with these bank details. Please note “Support Central Vietnam – [Email address]” in your transaction.

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*A package of saigonchildren’s emergency aid includes: rice (30kg), fish sauce (750ml), soy sauce (500ml), cooking oil (1l), seasoning powder (850g), refined sugar (1kg), a box of instant noodles (65g x 30 packets), canned sardines (155g).