Getting Ready For Work Programme

At saigonchildren we believe that learning is the way to a better life, a sustainable career and the ability to adequately support a family and loved ones. Our Getting Ready for Work Programme gives young adults in difficult circumstances the opportunity to develop themselves and integrate into work and social life.  

Over the past 25 years, saigonchildren has supported over 10,000 disadvantaged young adults. These young adults enhance their employability by completing vocational courses and learning English, IT and soft skills at Thang Long Vocational Training School operated by saigonchildren in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Life skills training and social and community activities are a fundamental part of this programmeSaigonchildren and our local training partners guide disadvantaged youths to become confident, self-sufficient, skilled and responsible individuals. 

We run 3 main projects: 

1.Vocational Training and Job Placement:

The Vocational Training and Job Placement project supports disadvantaged young adults between the ages of 17 and 25. These students learn the knowledge and skills required to secure a job aligned with their interests, capabilities and ambition – whether that is to be a software developer, an engineer, a beautician or a bartender. 

2. English, IT and Social Activities:

Every year more than 400 students develop their English communication skills and computer skills. We encourage the development of students’ creativity through classes in art, photography dance and alumni activities to support the next generation of students to develop their talents. 

3. Psychosocial Counseling and Life skills 

Life skills training on topics such as Communication Skills, Attitudes and Appearances, Budget Management, and Personal Safety are provided to young adults as a foundation for their personal and professional life.