Getting Ready For Work Programme

To saigonchildren, learning is not only for the sake of knowledge but also the way to a better life, better chances at a sustainable career and the ability to support a family. Education betters a child’s chances to contribute to the development of their community. Our Getting Ready for Work Programme gives young adults in difficult circumstances the opportunity to develop themselves and integrate into work and social life. These  are the core values on which our Getting Ready for Work Programme was built.

We understand the essential role of vocational education for youth, and Thang Long English and Vocational School was established in that spirit. Over the past 25 years, saigonchildren has invested more than US $2,264,000 and much expertise to support over 10,000 disadvantaged young adults. These young adults complete short-term vocational courses,  learn English, computer skills, and soft skills for better employability.

In addition, life-skills training, and opportunities to participate in social and community activities are a fundamental part of this programme. saigonchildren and our local partners will continue guiding  disadvantaged youth to become confident, self-sufficient, skilled, and responsible individuals.

We are running 3 main projects as follows:

  1. Vocational Training and Job Placement

The Vocational Training and Job Placement project supports  disadvantaged young adults between the ages of 17 and 25. These students learn practical necessary knowledge and skills in accordance with their abilities, interests and backgrounds. After finishing their courses, the project will support these young adults with job placement.

  1. Foreign Languages, IT and Social Activities

The English and IT classes at Thang Long School were organised during the establishment of the school in 1994. Every year, about 400 students receive support with English communication skills and basic office computer skills. Every year, about 50 students complete the Pre-intermediate and Intermediate English level course, which enables them to use English in daily conversation and communication. Each year  about 60 students acquire basic computer skills, allowing them to  use office software and email for communication.

In addition, we  encourage the development of students’ creativity through classes in art,  photography and other recreational activities. This combination is designed to build confidence and options for the students, as well as to give them the opportunity to pursue their talents.

  1. Psycho-social Counseling and Life skills

During the training courses, close monitoring and counseling are provided to the young adults, aiming to reducing the risks of students dropping-out. In addition to mental and emotional health support, urgent material support  like bus fares, meal allowances, or glasses, etc. are provided where needed to make sure students don’t stop studying because of deficiencies in their basic daily needs.

Various life skills training sessions on topics such as Communication Skills, Attitudes and Appearances in Serving Customers, Expenditures Management, Keeping Oneself Safe, etc. are provided to the young adults as a foundation and preparation for their personal and professional life.