Financial Transparency

Being open about how we spend money is important. It is why our donors trust us, and one of the main reasons that many of our donors have supported our work for decades.

We have our full accounts independently audited every year. Our entire financial records– with accounts in USD, GBP, VND and HKD – are independently audited every year by an international accountancy firm (currently KPMG) to ensure that all funds are spent appropriately and reported accurately. For 29 consecutive years we have filed our accounts successfully.

We report to the British government. As a UK-registered charity, our independently audited financial accounts are published publicly on the UK Charities Commission website – a legal requirement that we meet every year.

We report to the Vietnamese government. As a registered international charity in Vietnam, we submit financial accounts and details of our work at least every six months to the Vietnamese government to ensure we comply with all relevant laws and requirements.

We report to our donors. Some of the world’s best-known companies and financial institutions trust us with their money. Our donors carry out thorough due diligence to ensure that we are reputable, effective, and transparent, based on a thorough analysis by their lawyers, accountants, and senior leaders. They trust that we will spend their donations to help children and young people, contribute to the rapid development of Vietnam, and to always operate and report responsibly. We work with all donors to produce individual reports with the detail that each requires to satisfy their own financial responsibilities, as well as the interests of their staff and customers.

We report to our Board of Trustees. Our Trustees are based in the Vietnam, the UK, and around the world. They oversee our financial performance every month to ensure we remain efficient at helping those in need, spend responsibly, and manage our funds in line with the mission of the charity and the wishes of our donors.

We report to you. If you have questions about Saigon Children’s Charity CIO and our work, please contact us here.
We never use personal bank accounts to receive donations. As a registered charity, with an official licence in the UK (registered charity number: 1157774) and an official licence in Vietnam (registered project office number: 63/CNV-VPĐD), our activity and accounts are widely reported, so that our donors can know how their donations are used.

A bit more about us:

Saigon Children’s Charity CIO is made up of passionate, kind and expert professionals. Our team includes full-time teachers, social workers, speech & language specialists, counsellors, project managers, accountants, and managers, working full-time to give children and young people the support they need to survive and thrive.

Our collective expertise ensures that we provide the best possible support for our children, and means we can work efficiently to achieve our goals, helping tens of thousands of children and young people every year.

Although Saigon Children’s Charity CIO is registered in the UK, we do not take money from Vietnam to the UK. We only bring money from the UK (and the US, EU, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) to Vietnam, and we believe this is vital to make sure we continue to help the people of Vietnam in all that we do.

Many charities do not publish as much information as Saigon Children’s Charity CIO, and that can make it hard to compare us to less-transparent organisations, but we believe wholeheartedly that our transparency is vital to our success in attracting and retaining the world’s most exacting donors.


For more details please visit the UK Charity Commission website