Child Development Scholarship Programme

Education is proven to break the cycle of poverty. However, a proper education is a privilege not available to everyone the way it should be. A great number of children in Vietnam have difficulties pursuing comprehensive education and are at risk of leaving school due to barriers including poverty, geography, knowledge, and disability.

The Child Development Scholarship Programme provides scholarships to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, ranging from primary school to university. These scholarships enable them to continue their education and reach their full potential. Each package of scholarships differs depending on the needs of the student; we offer textbooks, notebooks, uniform fee, rice or tuition fees. In some case, we also support bicycle, medical fee, eye glasses, calculator or other support. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, each year saigonchildren provides scholarships to around 2,000 disadvantaged children and young adults.

We take a holistic approach to supporting children, their families, teachers, and community leaders, working together to keep kids  in school. We aim to support children in overcoming barriers to education through a system called Community-based Child Development Support Network.

Criteria of Selection:

The children are identified and enrolled in our programme through a careful process carried out by saigonchildren and the Community-based Child Development Support Network. Together with the network, we visit each family at home to assess their needs. Our process is efficient, impartial and objective, targeting the children in the most need of support. The children who are studying in school do not need to show academic merit  to be chosen, nor do they have to pass a  test, they are chosen based on:

  • The family’s financial situation (average income is classified as poor or near-poor based on the national poverty line, expenses/debts, possession of assets).
  • The family’s ability to earn, including if any family members have no or limited ability to work due to illness or disabilities.
  • The family’s circumstances, including whether one or both parents have left, passed away or are working far from the child.
  • Lack of/limited support from other NGOs or  the government.

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