White-Collar Boxing Event

Saigonchildren, in partnership with VSP Boxing and WebTheThao, are organizing an iconic “White-collar” boxing charity event to be held in HCMC later this year.

Aside from being the most fun social event of the year, we aim to tackle the important task of raising funds to create two schools for the many underprivileged children in Mekong Delta area. Their lives have been made even more difficult by COVID-19, but this endeavour will guarantee them a brighter future.

The event is open to all professionals working across Vietnam (regardless of gender, nationality, or occupation). This is your chance to inspire the children and the people of Vietnam to push to their limits and better themselves. We invite all of you to come together and challenge yourselves, while making a difference in the lives of many children as their champions. And for sure, have lots of laughs along the way!

All participants will be provided with three months of free training by VSP Boxing Gym. After the training, you will take part in the “White Collar Boxing” charity event, against a suitably matched opponent.

But that’s not all! Don’t be shy!
WebTheThao will produce a reality show about you and your journey to becoming a fighter, and your efforts to help raise funds for Saigonchildren. Your story will not only inspire the many children directly aided by these programmes, but also the countless others throughout Vietnam who will witness, that by being a “fighter”, anything is possible!


Our Sport Ambassador – Mat Donald:

Mat has single-handedly raised enough money to build two schools for children in Hau Giang and is currently fundraising for the third school. Being an amateur boxer in his younger years, the now-office-worker dusted off his gloves to fight against Vietnam’s No.1, Truong Dinh Hoang now challenging you to join and raise funds for Saigonchildren!

Our Partners:

We would like to thank you, our valued partners who dedicate their time and effort to make this event happen:

VSP Boxing Gym was officially recognised by the Vietnam Boxing Federation to be the only 5 star rated boxing gym in Vietnam. They are actively working with the Vietnam National Boxing team and organise various boxing events that allow advanced boxers from the gym to train with the national team. They will be our main logistics partner and will provide professional training to all participants of this event. Visit VSP here.

WebTheThao provides latest information on domestic and international sports. They currently have 217,000 followers on Facebook and 103,000 subscribers on Youtube. They will be our main media partner and will help to document all participants’ journey with this event. Visit WebTheThao here.